Monday, October 8, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Allows Users To Pay To Highlight Their Posts

Recently passing the billion member milestone, Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) was allowing members in the US to pay US$7 each to have personal posts given importance and priority in News Feeds seen by their friends.

Abhishek Doshi of Facebook said in a blog post that when a person promotes a post, he increases chances of his friends and subscribers to notice it.

The leading social network in the world said that US testing of promoted posts is an increase of trials rolled out in over 20 countries after starting in New Zealand in the month of May.

Doshi said that every day, news feed delivers a user’s updates to his friends. At times, a friend may not notice a post, especially if there are a lot of posts from friends.

Twitter has claimed that it has been successful in generating revenue from promoted tweets at the internationally popular one-to-many texting service.

Facebook celebrated its billion-member milestone promoting its mission to make the world a more social place to live, while investors kept wondering how the service would generate revenue on the basis of its popularity.

The firm has launched an extensively anticipated public offering in May. However, it has seen its opening share price of $US38 plunge.

Analysts are divided on whether Facebook can influence its massive member base for advertising and other revenues and still remain true to Zuckerberg’s aim of making it a service to connect the whole world.
It was of particular concern as to how Facebook would make money from members shifting to availing the service on smartphones and tablets.

On an interview on NBC’s ‘Today’ show, Zuckerberg mentioned that the company was moving ahead even though there are some rough patches. He said that the company is definitely going through tough times, which is not helping in any way, however people working in the company are focused on what they are building. 

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