Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB): Allows Users To Put Emoticons In Comments, All Eyes On Earnings Now

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is always doing some change or the other to ensure a better user experience. The recent news is that the social networking site now allows emoticons to show up as their proper symbols on comments.

These emoticons would not work on status updates or any other posts. There are plenty of symbols that the user can use to insert various emoticons as well as images of animals. For example, to insert a thumbs-up symbol, user needs to type (y), for a smiling emoticon, one needs to type :) and for a sad emoticon, one needs to type :(. The list goes on.

These emoticons were already available in Facebook messages and chats. The feature has now been added to comments. It goes without saying that we will be seeing more of these emoticons now.

Hence, it would not be just a matter of text now. Emoticons will have as much importance. Some users may feel that emoticons are distracting and may be inappropriate to use them on fan pages or while interacting with co-workers and professionals. 

As of now, Facebook has not enabled emoticons in its native iOS application, mobile website and Android app.

In other news, Facebook is reportedly facing the acid test of updating its results for the September quarter. The focus is going to be on the figures, revenues and earnings, to be precise. Alarm bells, however, have started to ring.

Many analysts have lowered their estimates of the social networking site’s income for 2013. No one seems to have raised their predictions.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has been making positive statements in September that the month has been working seriously towards translating its member base into advertisement revenues, there has not been much confidence about the company’s earnings in the upcoming term. Facebook is supposed to announce its results on 23rd October.

Shares of FB are up 0.42% at $19.59.


  1. 1st page results for fb search. COngrats

  2. Congrats indeed! ... I was wondering when Facebook rolled these out. I saw a comment thread full of them and it was horrible.


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