Thursday, October 11, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Explores New Ways As Zynga (ZNGA) Wanes

It is evident that Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) is trying out new ways to increase gaming on the platform as Zynga Inc(NASDAQ:ZNGA) persists on struggling.

Product manager of Facebook games and apps, Matt Wyndowe has recently spoken to Christian Nutt of Gamasutra about the future prospects of Facebook as a gaming platform and the strategy it uses for alluring more game developers.

Wyndowe disclosed that Facebook wishes to do more than it has done to allow synchronous gameplay on the platform. He said that it is on the to-do list of the things that Facebook would love to help enable.

He said that Facebook is keen on enabling synchronous gameplay. Obviously, developers can attain a lot on their end, however, there are a lot of features that the firm would love to put in its API to aid in enabling that kind of stuff. It is something that is a clear win for both developers and users. He also said that the firm has nothing to declare as of now, but whenever a group of developers start talking about it, it is included in the priority list.

The majority of games on the Facebook platform are asynchronous, which means that a user is not playing with someone in real-time but taking turns.

If the social networking site includes more resources into synchronous gaming, it will encourage users to spend more time on the platform that can mean more revenue for Facebook.

Considering that Zynga brought 20% of Facebook’s revenue and is presently tanking in the stock market, maybe it is not a bad idea for the social networking site to provide more incentives for developers to create games on the platform.

Zynga has said in a statement that it estimates revenue from bookings for the year to fall in the range of $1.085- $ 1.1 billion, due to lower than expected demand for online games. 

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