Friday, October 12, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Spills Details On Open Graph Changes

It was declared recently that Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) would be enacting a few alterations in Open Graph. It would require developers to enhance the quality of their apps while increasing user contentment across the platform. Facebook has more details on those changes now.

When the weekly Operation Developer Love update was going on, Facebook had said that developers will have to watch out for three crucial changes to the Open Graph API. The first one is the removal of the Authenticated Referrals feature. In place of that, developers would have to apply the Auth Dialog. They will also be removing the ability to post to a user’s friends’ walls through Graph API, however developers can still use feed dialog. As for the third one, custom Open Graph actions are no longer allowed in apps that involuntarily push stories as users use content. Developers will have to use built-in actions for such functionality.

Developers may also be acquainted with the fat the Facebook has enabled a change that results in the picture Graph API to return a dictionary. They figured out that the change has caught some developers off the guard even when they had 90 days to get ready. As a response, Facebook has extended the migration period to 6th February of 2013. Developers, who are interested, can check out the Developer Roadmap for more details.

The last update for this week is a short reminder that Facebook will start taking off internal features from the JavaScript SDK interface. Developers can check the console to ensure if any internal features are presently in use.

Facebook has been squeezing bugs left and right. There were reportedly 182 bugs this week, 28 of which have been fixed and 17 have been accepted for further review.

Developers obviously now have to go back to their apps and make the suitable changes to include them to Facebook’s new code. 

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