Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Testing Its First Native Android App

It is sad for Android users that even after a few updates, they still have to use the messy Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) app on their phones. Although the updates did alleviate some of the bugs, it is still a mess. iOS users were lucky to get an update on their Facebook app in August. Unfortunately, Android users are left with no other option but to fend themselves.

After a month long waiting, Android users will finally be lucky to be rewarded for being patient. an insider at Facebook has revealed to Engadget that the social networking site is experimenting the new native Android app. the original Facebook app for Android users was built out of HTML5. It was anything but good on any phone. Going native is expected to take care of all the problems that plague the current app.

The bad news is that there is no time frame for when the app will be available for users to enjoy. It could become available this week or maybe at the end of the year. Testing periods of Facebook is infamous for their lengths. The company generally takes a long time to finalise a product unless it finds it perfect.

Facebook needs to make sure that their first native app for Android users is perfect when it is released. Mobile is becoming increasingly significant to Facebook with each passing day. Android is equally important as revealed by a NPD study that says that 70% of Android users use their phones mainly for accessing Facebook. That is indeed a huge market for Facebook that can be tapped into by Zuckerberg and his team for gaining on some mobile ad revenue.

Facebook could hurry up with the new Android app. Android users surely wants to get their hands on the first native app the soonest possible. 

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