Friday, October 12, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Finally Releases Tool to Reduce Page Load Times

The test phase of Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG)’s mod_pagespeed 1.0 are over and the beta tag has been removed for its official launch. The mod_pagespeed feature will increase the loading speed of websites that run on the Apache web server. This latest offering from Google will optimize the page and its resources automatically, thus increasing the speed of websites.

Users often move on to another website if a particular one takes ages to load. No one has the time for slow-loading pages and Google too penalizes such websites on its network. The mod_pagespeed can be downloaded and from the mod_pagespeed website, where detailed instructions are mentioned. After download is over, the tool can be run on any server. Ilya Grigorik from Google has also incorporated some suggestions to optimize web performance via the tool.

Google has stated that more than 120,000 websites such as Dreamhost, web-hosting giant and EdgeCast, content delivery network, have been using mod_pagespeed in spite of the beta tag. The tool is offered to web developers as a portion of PageSpeed Optimization Libraries, a compilation of features that developers can utilize to improve website performance by reducing page load time. There is also the PageSpeed Insights, an analytics tool and PageSpeed Service, which provides tips to improve your website’s load times and optimizes pages, respectively.

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