Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG): Larry Page makes first public appearance after months

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Chief Executive Larry Page made his first public appearance on Tuesday after several months of absence due to an unspecified illness, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Page addressed hundreds of people at the company's annual Zeitgeist conference and update them about the company’s recent affairs, including its tiff with Apple over Google Maps, its dealing with antitrust regulators and the company's specialised services, the report said.

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The 39-year old Page has been noticeably absent in recent functions of Google including the shareholders' meeting last June and even its earnings call at the end of the last quarter.

At that time Chairman Eric Schmidt had said that the Google founder was recovering from an unnamed illness that had caused him to lose his voice.

At the meeting on Tuesday Page did not offer any details about his health or illness. The Wall Street Journal said that he spoke in a raspy voice and said that he was little hoarse but happy to be at the meeting.

According to the report in the Journal, Page gave some details about the European Union's antitrust investigations into its consolidated privacy policies and ensuring that users get more clarity on it and have a chance to opt out of it if they so desired.

Page said he was "hopeful" about working with antitrust regulators but that "over-regulation of the Internet and restriction of what people can do is a big risk for us."

He made a fleeting reference to the issue of Apple dumping Google Maps and replacing it with its own mapping software saying that he was excited, "that other people are starting to notice we've worked hard on [maps] for seven years."

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