Friday, October 5, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Wallet for Web Content Finally Unveiled

The buzz about Google Wallet began when a post on Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) Commerce blog was circulated through feeds and the tagline was “Bring New Content to the Web with Google Wallet”. Although the post has been removed, the revelation is not a rumor at all.

So what is Google Wallet for Web Content? It is a medium that will showcase content of the very best quality on the web. Advertising is the most lucrative modernization tool and will remain so, but the quality of content brought by creators could be richer, if they could devise a way to sell particular articles that users can look up via search.

Google Wallet for Web Content has the following attributes:

Preferences will be more specific now as users can purchase individual web pages. Prices begin from 25¢.
Preview section will be longer so that users can have a better idea about the content in the article. This will increase rankings as well, because search engines use the free preview section to tank articles.

There will be ultimate customer satisfaction due to the “Instant Refund” feature within 30 minutes. If someone is not happy with the content they purchased, their money will be

Display a rich obfuscated version of the rest of the page so that users are aware of what exactly they are buying.

Access to content will not be limited – once it is bought, it belongs to the users forever. There is an archive service, which will enable you to offer perpetual access even if your website shuts down.

Payment method will be streamlined via a single and secure Google Wallet account that can be used for all Google properties.

Ads can be incorporated aside the preview content, which gains an ad impression, even if there is no sale of content.

Pearson (DK and Peachpit) and Oxford University Press are reportedly operating the Google Wallet already and the GigaOm and Motley Fool might follow suit.

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