Sunday, October 7, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s new Android Operating system sees a complete makeover

The next version of Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Android operating system, Android 4.2, is packed with features designed to make it a better experience according to reports.

Android and Me reports that with this new operating version, hardware partners of Google have to join a Nexus programme, the Nexus branding being central to the Android update.

Devices have to fulfil some basic requirements according to the report. "The phone has to ship with a stock version of Android, it needs to have the hardware power to run all “Nexus Games”, and they have to support Google Wallet, aka have NFC."

Android and Me has speculated that the changes to the Nexus program and having a Nexus certification program may be geared towards Google taking more control over the Android experience.

At present Android's open source architecture gives the feeling that there is not too much of control and indeed, the whole appeal of the system stems from its openness and ability to be tweaked.

The Google Play feature has been updated, according to rumours. New features include personalised search, billing options and easier in-app micro-transactions.

A Customization Center will allow users to easily customize things like ringtones, backgrounds, language packs, and even launchers. Users can also use filters to change the user interface and the appearance of dynamic icons, which will be new to Android.

Google Now is also being enhanced to guide users on how to use the operating system and take them through the various functions on the phone.

The video player has been updated and provides new APIs for other video services to fit in.

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