Monday, October 1, 2012

International Business Machines Corp (NYSE:IBM) to extend help to MSPs for growth and development

International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE:IBM) has started taking concrete steps to ensure that clients are able to use the new cloud computing technologies. This is helpful to the company as well, because this will lead to the broadening of IBM’s Cloud ecosystem and this will also lead to the organizations being able to develop better services and solutions through the quality incentives that IBM has to offer.

The Local technology providers are better known as MSPs, or Managed Service Providers, who develop Could Computing for their clients so that they can avail the facilities in a much more economic, simplistic, and secure way.  The MSPs provide the clients with a defined set of technology-based solutions, and the clients have the option of paying for these solutions and services through a pay-as-you-go system.  The MSPs are very helpful for people who want to use cloud computing but who lack the required resources or time. These are mostly small organizations, such as healthcare units, which have become increasingly interested in the benefits of Cloud Computing.

In order to help the MSPs along, IBM has put up Global Centers of Excellence in Tokyo, New York City, Germany, Ehningen and Shanghai, in order to help the MSPs in an organized way. Through these centers, the MSPs can gain access to the technically superior ideas and skills provided by the larger company. They will be able to make use of IBM’s storage, cloud computing through IBM SmartCloud, PureSystems, security as well as collaboration. In order to deal with joint client engagements, the MSPs can gain access to the 40 Innovation Centers which have been put up by IBM in 33 countries.

Further, IBM will also make sure that the MSPs get the best of marketing and sales technologies. The MSPs will also be getting financial backing to resolve their previous financial issues which may have been weighing them down. The marketing will help them with better branding, and will help increase their popularity, thereby broadening their customer base, and this will lead to IBM getting more clients under their wing, indirectly. 

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  1. Cloud computing is definitely where business technologies are headed and support is essential to get everyone to smoothly make this transition. It opens up a world of opportunities, moves faster and eliminates excessive paperwork.


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