Wednesday, October 10, 2012

International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) Expands Puresystems Line For Handling Data Responsibilities

International Business Machines Corp.(NYSE:IBM) has expanded its PureSystems line of pre-integrated systems to incorporate new models to manage business analysis and online transaction processing.

The PureData systems have been brought together to excel at three standard common tasks within enterprise computing – near real-time data analysis, online transactional processing and business intelligence.

Each of the aforementioned systems is designed to serve the purpose of a particular application. They are integrated by design. It is not a mere bundle of technology incorporated together, as per IBM vice president of big data product management, Phil Francisco. The systems have been designed as such they can be promptly installed and maintained with ease.

IBM is not the only one to offer pre-integrated systems for heavy workloads. It was last week when Oracle introduced the most recent version of its Exadata system that is designed for intensive workloads.

IBM’s director of PureSystems marketing, Pete McCaffrey said that the firm has a far different approach than Oracle. Oracle has adopted a single system to fit the needs of all systems whereas IBM has optimized the specific type of data workload. This is why IBM is coming out with different models aligned to different types of workloads.

IBM has designed one of its systems, the one meant for transactions, for credit card processing and other fast-paced transactional works in financial services and retail operations. Such systems are meant to manage heavy workloads. Francisco said that this system has been made to deliver high performance with the help of shared data bunched architecture.

Another system for analytics is capable of processing huge amounts of data that are recorded in the order of billions of data. This system involves the Netezza data warehousing technology of the firm and also a library of diagnostic functions.  

Each of these systems can be operational in a few hours, as per Francisco. 

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