Monday, October 8, 2012

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) to dig into the Cloud

The cloud computing phenomenon is very much a here-and-now one! Almost all the companies, especially software makers, are trying to make as much of cloud based storage as possible. this has lead to the availability of many storage solutions which are exclusively cloud based. They offer a variety of features, each with their own storage limits, perks, and unique features. However, Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC) is not going to be left out of the party, it seems. The company is all set to provide is own storage system which will be based on cloud. They are banking on the combination of cloud storage, plus atom-based storage services, to make their product unique and viable in the ever-growing, competent market.

The devices being marketed by Intel are basically NAS devices, or Network-attached storage devices. These devices will function with the help of the Intel Atom D2550 or, alternatively, the D2500 processors. The processor model will depend on the NAS device being purchased. This storage solution, according to the company, has been built, keeping in mind consumers, as well as small businesses.

The NAS devices will use cloud computing to help users secure their contents, share them, or make back-ups of all the contents. Many companies have taken an interest to Intel’s cloud storage solutions, and they are planning to get NAS devices which are run with the help of the Intel processors. These names include Thecus, Asustor, QNAP and many others.

These devices will help deal with the practical issues of storage, and will be of immense help to both consumers and small business companies. They will provide users with the necessary tools to deal with the storage demand which is occurring at real-time. The devices will be accepting of the McAfee Anti-Virus as well as VirusScan. They will also come enabled with various multimedia capabilities.

The data can be accessed through a web browser, and the company has made it very lenient to access the stored data, since it can be viewed from Laptops, desktops and even mobiles which can use web browsers. Intel has said that its prime goal is to provide the required amount of privacy as well as security to all its customers. 

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