Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Gears Up For Opening Its Store In Puerto Rico On 1st November

Advertisements in Puerto Rico have revealed that the Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) Store was initially expected to open there will have its grand opening on 1st November. The ads were found by WPCentral and the news was confirmed through a post on Facebook page of Microsoft. The new store will be opening at the Plaza Las Americas in San Juan. Microsoft will be opening more stores in Ontario, Corte Madera and Toronto and other areas within the same time frame.

The new store will follow the footsteps of similar retail stores that were recently opened in Delaware, New Hampshire and New York. The grand opening is slated to run for the first two days of November. The opening in Corte Madera is planned for 1st November through 3rd November.

The following week will witness Microsoft opening its stores in Ohio, Ontario, Toronto and Cincinnati. The Cincinnati opening is slated for 8th November through 10th November, while the opening in Toronto is yet to be scheduled.

Microsoft’s retail stores are meant to improve the footing of the software giant in the wake of declining PC sales and a customer computing market that has faced many disruptions because of the emergence of Apple’s iDevices and mobile gadgets operating on Android system. The physical retail locations will sell software powered by Microsoft, PCs operating on Windows, and hardware of Microsoft that includes company’s forthcoming Surface tablets.

Microsoft is supposed to have 44 retail stores by mid-2013. The upcoming months will witness a number of pop-up stores appearing in other retail locations during the holiday season. The holiday stores will offer customers the chance to acquaint themselves with new technology skills, enjoy the most out of their Microsoft-enabled gadgets and get involved in knowledgeable staff to understand the best products for their personal and gifting requirements. 

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