Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): Windows 8 Downloads Hit 4 Million

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) has reported a strong user uptake for its Windows 8 operating system upgrade.

The company mentioned in its first days on the market that the latest version of Windows has been installed by nearly four million users. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer spoke at the company’s Build developer conference that the company has seen strong interest from early adopters, who have been offered the £25 download cost.

The news comes in spite of early doubt shed on the platform by a consumer survey. The study has indicated that as many as half of all end users are not yet conversant with Microsoft’s latest offering.

The launch of Windows 8 is a part of a three-branched approach by Microsoft to fix and update its mobile and desktop patterns.

While declaring its Windows Phone 8 platform earlier this week, the company has described an associated environment in which users can access and move content across the Xbox, Windows and Windows 8 platforms, and also cloud storage and collaboration environments.

Ballmer said that the company would use the interoperability and connectivity benefits offered by the plan to distinguish its desktop and mobile platforms from that of the rivals.

Ballmer told reported at the launch event of Windows 8 that the new generation PCs are the best PCs ever made.

Rewinding back a bit, two weeks after Windows 7 had made its debut, while a Microsoft executive had said that it was too early to analyze sales, Ballmer had merely described the response as ‘positive’.

As the month comes to an end, Usage from the likes of Net Applications must show an increase in shares of Windows 8, however unless it surges exceptionally, it will remain below the bar set by Windows 8 in late 2009. Before release, Windows 8 implementation, through a series of previews and the availability of an RTM build, was exceptionally smaller as compared to Windows 7 during the same period before its launch. 

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