Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) manages to anger EU to the point of a formal complaint

The software giant, Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) may be facing one huge case in a matter of days, from the European Union. The company conveniently forgot to add the browser options by the way of the screen which says ‘browser choice’. And this elimination did not happen in a few cases. The option to pick a different browser was denied to 28 million users, as a result of which, the European Union is not going to spare the company. It will soon be receiving a formal antitrust complaint from the EU.
The latest version of the operating system of Microsoft did not contain the ‘browsers choice’, which gives users the option to pick another browser for their internet activities. They could have picked Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome, or another browser. However, Microsoft ensured, through this ‘mistake’, that the users did not get any such option. They had to use the default browser provided by the operating system itself. However, the elimination has brought about the antitrust wrath of the whole European Union down on the shoulders of Microsoft. It might be getting a statement of objections from the EU, but it will be a formal one. The company has been charged, and will legally be charged with several accusations by the European Union, and legally speaking, the company then has the option to appeal, to settle, or to admit to the fault, which will lead to a reduction in the fine as penalty. The option of appealing might lead to a long drawn out case which might not be a very good idea.
The browser choice had been made important by the EU because Microsoft had to add the option, as per a settlement the company had had with Europe during some events in 2009. However, the European Union began investigating the case when many people were unable to get different browsers to do their work from. The choice for a different browser was mandatory. It was a compulsory Windows hotfix as per the ruling of the court. The EU regulators had made sure during that ruling, that the company should add the option for the users, to choose something other that Internet Explorer. The company will face heavy fines if found guilty. 

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