Friday, October 26, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT: Windows 8 and Surface Announced in New York

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) hosted an event at New York's Pier 57 for unveiling its Windows 8 operating system and Surface tablet computer. Windows has always been the most widely prevalent system in the last 2 decades, and Windows 8 is a radical modification to that platform.

The new operating system will make use of a touch-enabled interface, thereby closing the gap between personal computers and fast-growing tablets. However, Microsoft will face stiff competition due to rivals – Apple launched a .9-inch screen on Tuesday, Amazon will unveil a bigger Kindle Fire, and Barnes & Noble will introduce a larger Nook Fire in the coming month.

Microsoft has recently ventured into the computer devices zone via its Surface tablet, which will be available in stores from Friday with computers and other devices powered by Windows 8.

 The event began with Sinofsky declaring that they broke all rules and conventions while developing the Windows 8 operating system. The cheapest PC to be powerd by Windows 8 comes at $300. The technology will work for touch-screen computers and those using keyboard and mouse commands. The “Start” button has been eliminated and users just need to touch the screen to access a file or app. Third party apps than run on iPads and iPhones are also available

The Surface tablet will also work wonders, according to Sinofsky. The tablet is equipped with Office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets and other business tasks. The cover comes with keys that allows typing and does not randomly type if the user just places his hands on it due to being pressure-sensing. The cover can also be used like a support for the device's kickstand.

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