Saturday, October 13, 2012

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Releases Its Windows 8 App

The Windows 8 Store could offer a few good apps before Windows 8 is released officially this month. A slow trickle of interesting app can be noticed from a few known brands. Netflix, Inc.(NASDAQ:NFLX) is one of them, which has just launched its previously declared Windows 8 app.

As per a Netflix press release, the app has been built from the ground up to enjoy benefit of new Windows 8 design principles and video player features. It mentioned that the app will work fine with a keyboard and a mouse and touch-based devices.

As per Netflix, the app takes advantages of Windows 8 graphics acceleration capabilities, which implies that the app should not tax the CPU and battery that much. Netflix also takes note of the fact that Windows 8 release is its first version and it has more ideas and updates in the pipeline for this season.

The app follows the principles of the standard Metro design with a side scrolling list of a Netflix queue and the common Netflix categories. Also, with Windows 8, Netflix said that its video player is more capable and works without using a noisy computer fan.

The app is a nice example of what a completely realized Windows 8 app should look like, however, there are some interface oddities as well. The main menu that is presented as a long vertical bar on the left-hand side of the screen, for an instance, shrinks on its own when a user scrolls to the right. However, it actually covers most of the portion on the horizontal scroll bar. That is obviously not a deal broker, but it does reveal that most of the developers are still working to figure out how Windows 8 user interface can be used the best on desktop. 

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