Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Siemens Chosen By China Mobile For Future TD-LTE Deployment

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) Siemens Networks is a joint venture of Nokia Corp and Siemens Ag is extending its agreement with China Mobile with a new deal for the deployment of the TD-LTE in three cities by the end of this year. The operation is a part of China Mobile’s large scale pre-commercial test of its TD-LTE network. Nokia Siemens Networks will deploy its TD-LTE-8 –pipe radio and Flexi Multiradio Base Stations. Additionally, Nokia Siemens Networks will aid China Mobile with Circuit Switched Fallback technology trial in Hangzhou. It is a technique incorporated to offer voice calls apart from TD-LTE services.

With nearly 650 million subscribers, China Mobile is easily among the largest operators in the world. As the demand for smartphones and mobile data services increases, China Mobile is mounting its TD-LTE network test in 13 cities by the end of this year. This test will increase the commercialization and globalization of TD-LTE to an unparalleled level. With a total of 20,000 base stations deployed by several vendors, China Mobile is believed to create a true, pre-commercial mobile broadband network.

Through its parent companies, Nokia Siemens Networks has a working relationship of more than 20 years with China Mobile. When a part of Nokia’s Networks business, the company had been one of the first vendors to support the initial GSM network of the operator. Nokia Siemens Networks also extended support to the operator’s network evolution when technology moved to TD-SCDMA and then to TD-LTE that has deployed in phase one large-scale tests in Hangzhou and Xiamen with remarkably good results. The cooperation shared by the two companies, right from the beginning of digital mobile communications, has led to Nokia Siemen’s Networks development of TD-LTE technology and its goal to make an ecosystem for the international success of TD-LTE as one of the crucial 4G technologies. 

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