Monday, October 15, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) to come up with alternatively for electrical charging

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), the Finnish company, has been working on a solar power project which is geared towards the charging of their phones. Nokia is currently testing the solar power accessory. The tests are being conducted in Nigeria as well as Kenya, and Nokia’s ultimate goal is figure out the successful charging of their phones through solar power. Through the use of the Portable Solar Charger, modeled under the number of DC-40, the company aims at providing this charging option especially to all those places which do not get a regular supply of electricity.

According to the company, the DC-40 will convert one minute of charging to produce about two minutes of talk time. A charging mat is used, which in turn uses a photovoltaic panel. The model weighs about 93 grams. It is connected to the phone by a three meter long cable. And in between, is placed the 2 millimeter plug which is the staple Nokia Plug. Kenya and Nigeria proved to be lucrative grounds to test this system on, since the electricity there is very erratic. About sixteen percent of the people in Kenya have the luxury of receiving electricity on a regular basis, and in Nigeria, the numbers amount to about fifty one percent of the population. These statistics have been collected by the World Bank, between 2007 and 2011. This makes these two countries the apt places to test the solar powered charger on.

This attempt is not the company’s first attempt at trying to gauge the potential of the solar charged phone. This year, in January, the company had tried testing solar power potential by placing a solar panel at the back of one of their phones. But the idea was later put down, because the size of the panel was too small, and because people do not always keep their phones out in the sun. It was also a matter of not knowing exactly how much the battery was being charged. They had conducted tests in 1997 as well. With the launch of the 1610 had come the option of getting a lithium-ion-and-solar-panel kind of battery. The DC-40 is said to be out this week.

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