Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) to provide Location based services to compete with the honchos

The smartphone industry has fast grown into one of the biggest industries and most competitive sectors, and as such, the break-neck competition is leading the different companies to constantly come up with new techniques and technologies to become more unique and useful than the others. Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) is also facing stiff competition from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and other smartphones which are based on Google’s Android services. The company is trying to keep up with the rat race by trying to make the owners of their phones feel like they have something unique because they have Nokia Smartphones.

Nokia is trying to achieve this by providing location-based services to its users. The company has said that it shall provide location services, along with maps to the users of Oracle Corp. and it will throw in a built-in link created by the software-makers. Oracle Corp. is a U.S based company. Nokia has targeted a particular section of society. It has said that it will be providing certain services which will be specifically designed for corporate clients. This service will include maps of about two hundred countries, and it will integrate its location platform with Oracle, using the company’s applications, business data, as well as maps.

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The financial aspect of this deal has not been revealed, as of now. But, Nokia Corp. said that this will help people in the corporate world by saving them time, resources, and money. Without using up much of those, the companies will be able to get a geographic perspective of how their business is going, or can go.
Nokia, which is based in Finland, has made a clever move by not focusing on what all the other companies are focusing on, right now. By narrowing its focus and target, and by creating quality products for that niche target group, the company actually stands to make good profits, the proof of which is exhibited by the fact that the Nokia stock was up by about 7.20% to $2.76 on Monday and up another 2% in the pre-market session.

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