Monday, October 15, 2012

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE): The VAIO Duo 11 by Sony the company’s newest Windows 8 Convertible

Sony Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:SNE) is going to launch a new convertible with its operating system being Windows 8. The company is going to present its version of the convertible, which is, unlike the other ones, a tablet first, after which it shall serve the function of a laptop. Priced at $1099, the new VAIO Duo 11 is going to have an 11 inch display which will be full High Definition. The tablet, with its display, can be slid back to reveal the keyboard it comes with. However, the Duo does not have a trackpad. The optical sensor located in the middle of the keyboard, or the two buttons which are located below the space bar, or also the touch screen, are the options which are available to the users.

If users feel reluctant to use the keyboard, they can also write directly on the tablet with the help of the stylus, which is pressure-sensitive. If users want handwritten notes, they can opt for the Note Anytime app which accepts the stylus as well.  The Active Clip application on the tablet also allows for users to crop their photos whenever they want to. The processors which have been used for these tablets are all the new ones by Intel. 
Starting from the i3, the processors on the various models under the convertible can go up to i7. The convertible also has other variable specifications. The base model starts with about 128GB of SSD storage along with 4 GB worth of RAM. The different specs can go up to 256GB of SSD storage, along with 8 GB of RAM.

Along with all these very exciting facilities, the company has also added a back-light to the keyboards, so that users can type away in the dark as well. Sony has also provided for a special Sheet Battery for the device as a back-up for the actual battery running out. However, the company has not specified the battery life of the Sheet Battery, or of the actual convertible battery.

This convertible, along with the other new or revamped Sony products will be available in the market from the end of October, onwards.

Shares of SNY surged 2.55% to $11.65 in the opening session.

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