Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) to try and fix error of exorbitant price tag on the PS Vista

Prospective buyers have not responded well to the expensive PS Vista, not due to any other reason, apart from the fact that it is too expensive a console. The launch was a solid one, but the PS Vista failed to make sales because of the price tag attached to it. The handheld PS Vista has been priced at two hundred and fifty dollar, with games which cost anything between forty to fifty dollars. Even enthusiasts are skeptical about why they should buy the PS Vista handheld, when there are cheaper options. Sony Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:SNE) is disappointed by the sales which the new handheld has brought in, but it is natural for people to be skeptical about the console when there are good games being offered in tablets, for ten dollars or less.

In order to save the situation, Sony has come up with a plan, which does not make the PS Vista cheaper, but it does add other goodies to the package, which is sure to make the price worthwhile. In an interview, Fergal Gara, the VP and MD for Sony in the UK, stated that PlayStation 3 might be added to the package of Sony Vista in order to increase sales.

Gara said that Sony might just put the two consoles in, for the price of one, and throw in a PlayStation Plus Subscription which will work on both the devices. He said that the perks of having both the consoles, was that one could indulge in cross-play games with the two consoles. He said that there might even be a discount on the price, so as to generate more interest towards the already enticing package.

The cross-play games are a new technological development. It is cross-platform gameplay, which has been introduced by Sony. Through this, players using the PS Vista can play against players using the PlayStation 3. This has never been done before, since handhelds cannot compete with home consoles, in terms of power. But it has been done by Sony, and the company is hoping to increase its sales before Nintendo’s Wii U is launched. 

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