Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer To Return Office After Her First Chidlbirth

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! Inc.(NASDAQ:YHOO)’s Chief Executive, who was out since past 3 months into a budding effort to revamp the struggling web firm, is slated to be back to her office in a week’s time, after the birth of her first child.

The 37 year old Mayer will be working from home. She continues to lead the firm and is responsible for all critical decisions that are taken, as per details provided by a Yahoo spokeswoman.
Yahoo told Reuters in an emailed comment that Mayer will be working remotely and is planning to return to office the soonest possible.

Mayer used to be an executive at Google before taking over at Yahoo. She is the third permanent CEO of the company in a matter of a year. She is leading an effort to revamp the flagging revenue growth of the company amid rivalry from Facebook, Google and other new-gen Web start-ups.

Mayer has not yet briefed investors on her plans for Yahoo. However, she has provided some general details to the company’s staff in meetings with employees the previous week.

Women are considerably underrepresented when it comes to ranks of corporate CEOs. Mayer’s announcement on her pregnancy happened on the same day she was declared the CEO of Yahoo. Her comments in Fortune magazine that she was not keen on taking extended maternity had triggered debate about whether such an example would help her or hurt the cause of other women in the workplace.

News of Mayer’s first childbirth was made public on Twitter by her husband, Zachary Bogue.

A partner with Witt/Kieffer, Kim Smith had predicted that no matter how much Mayer may have made preparations for arrival of her baby, she will be surprised by some of the hindrances that torment working moms. She said that there can be no charting out what it is like to be a mom.

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