Monday, October 15, 2012

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) Sues Former General Manager, Accuses Him Of Theft Of Sensitive Trade Information

Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) is getting back at a number of high-level employees, who have left the company. Zynga is filing a lawsuit against one of its ex general managers b y accusing him of extensive theft of some very sensitive and commercially precious data.

The complaint was filed in Superior Court in San Francisco on Friday. It was filed against Alan Patmore for misuse of trade secrets and contravention of written contract.

A spokesperson from Zynga has refused to comment on this matter. Alan Patmore has not yet responded to emails seeking comments.

In August, Zynga’s general manager of City Ville, Alan Patmore had left the company to work with a social games maker based in San Francisco. Patmore had joined Zynga in June of 2011 and had served as the general manager of City Ville before joining Kixeye as VP of Product. Kixeye happens to be a much smaller games developer of Facebook that has been immensely unabashed about recruiting talent from Zynga.

In the filling, Zynga has claimed that Patmore amassed about 760 documents from his work PC and backed them up online before he left the company. Also, Zynga has mentioned in its complaint that the information is crucial enough to improve a rival’s internal understanding of core game mechanics and monetization techniques, its implementation and eventually its market rank to compete more efficiently with Zynga.

According to Zynga, Patmore took files that are crucial to the business of the game maker. It includes monetization plans, revenue projections, over 10 unreleased game designs, planned road maps, Patmore’s whole email inbox and employee reimbursement details.

Zynga was at the court on Friday to get a temporary restraining order. A judge had granted the request, restricting Patmore from disclosing any data to anyone or from infringing the information or getting involved in activities related to making online games that include business secrets of Zynga.

Shares of ZNGA are down 0.74% to $2.41.

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