Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Red Cross have Collaborated for Raising Donations for Victims of Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc everywhere and people are struggling to cope with the aftermath of the destruction caused by it. Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has joined in the efforts to help people, by initiating a portal in its iTunes Store, which requests financial donations from users to help victims of Sandy. The contributions, beginning at $5 and going up to $200, will be given directly to the American Red Cross, so that the entire sum can be used for the relief efforts for those on the Eastern Seaboard, who have been hit bad.

According to CNN, the hurricane resulted in damages worth billions of dollars, 33 fatalities, and electrical failures all over the US affecting around 8 million people, out of which around 7 million still don’t have power.

Government agencies are working overtime to do some damage control, which is why Apple and the Red Cross have come together to ease some of their burden. The system of financial help is easy and completely anonymous for users via the iTunes Store. Due to the service being synchronized with existing credit cards on file via Apple’s servers, the donations can be processed quickly when users sign in to their iTunes account and click the “Donate” tab. Users can’t utilize iTunes Store credit while making a contribution.

Not only is the system anonymous, but the users’ names and contact data will be kept private and confidential when the funds are sent to the American Red Cross. Apple has assured people that 100% of the money will be contributed to the relief fund. The iTunes and Red Cross partnership was activated after the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan last year in March. Apple has previously provided funds after devastating earthquakes in Haiti.


  1. Very nice....AAPL is a class act.

  2. But Apple won't donate any of their money, nor can you use credit already in your account. That money is staying in their pocket,


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