Friday, November 9, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Granted Patent For Rounded Corners On Electronic Gadgets

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) has been granted a patent on rounded corners for rectangular-shaped devices. It is tempting to think that patents are becoming more incongruous, but that really would not be a mistake. The US and other patent officials have always approved overly broad patents. It is the courts that have changed over the recent years. They have begun awarding damages based on them.

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Here is a list of legendary patents that have been infringed upon a millions of times, but have not yet earned their creators anything.

Donald Trump’s Double Comb Over – Donald Trump is a real estate paper tiger. He is popular for enlisting his name on catastrophic real estate agreements, raging against the president on Twitter. He also attempted to cover up his male blueprint baldness. It was known from a forensic analysis that it is an innovative double comb-over that involves plastering of hair coming from different sides of scalp into a place. Incredible enough, this was issued in 1977 to two inventors based in Florida. It is called the Method of concealing partial baldness.

The Wheel – it was in the year 2001 when john Keong from Australia was patented a Circular Transportation Facilitation Device. Keogh is a freelance patent attorney who had appealed for his patent on the 5,000 year old machine so as to reveal loopholes in Australia’s innovation patent system for fast-tracking legal protection of fresh ideas.

Patent Trolling – the method of creating a company for the very purpose of suing other companies for infringing patents is called patent trolling. Believe it or not, this practice itself has been patented. The patent has been named Patent Acquisition and Assertion by a First Part Against a Second Party. Owner of the patent, Halliburton Energy Services can threaten anyone, who may sue them for infringement of IP with a counter-suit.

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  1. HOW?!

    The US Patent Office workers should all be investigated for taking bribes from Apple, as I don't think they can be THIS retarded, can they???

    Apple won't be happy until it kills all competition and innovation in this world. People need to stop buying their products to show their disgust, instead of putting a glitzy Apple-branded device under the christmas tree.


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