Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Not the best display for the new iPad Mini

The new, smaller tablet by Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL), with the 9.7 inch screen, has not satisfied critics, and especially the ones who have been used to the superior quality, and the defining standards which Apple provides. The display, when compared to that of the other smaller tablets in the market, falls short in certain crucial aspects. If compared to the Nexus 7 by Google, or the Kindle Fire HD by Amazon, the two tablets by these two companies provide superior displays. Many tests were done to ensure the display qualities of the new tablet, and these tests, which were conducted by professionals, were focused on the aspects of the display, such as the brightness, the colour gamut, the viewing angles, and many other aspects of the phone.

The low pixel count of the new display is something which has gathered considerable attention to itself. the other iOS devices have Retina displays of a far higher quality, and the new tablet should have had pixel density of 326-pixel per inch, but it clearly does not. However, since the new tablet is much cheaper, the cost adjustment would have been a problem for Apple. The sharpness of the display is also something which has not gone unnoticed. One needs the sharpness for a tablet which is supposed to perform multiple functions, and be carried around everywhere. Without sharp text on the screen, the multi-purpose tablet becomes a little less essential to have.  The company could have tried to make up for these mistakes through the use of sub-pixel rendering. Another thing the company could have done is to sharpen the material which would appear on screen.

The colour gamut is also a minus point, as is the screen-reflectance, which is more than that of the other tablets, by a good 53 percent increment. The plus points of the new tablet are that, the picture quality is very good, and very high, and the colour reproduction is also quite accurate. Overall, despite certain display glitches, Apple has maintained its style and sleekness and it still remains to be called a very good product, in the market. 

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  1. Not only do they provide superior displays, but faster hardware, longer battery life, and feel more solid. All at a lower price.
    Alas, Apple fanboys will buy the iPad no-matter-what. Apple can price it at $400, lower the resolution, remove even more features (GPS, anyone?) and speed even further, and it will still sell like crazy with them.


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