Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Will There Ever be an iTV?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) seems to have a plethora of products to offer, which many have touted as “different-sized rectangles”. For instance, customers can now choose from a 2.5-inch iPod, 4-inch iPhone, 10-inch iPad, 11-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, 27-inch iMac, and numerous more alternate sizes in between.

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Recently, the much-awaited iPad Mini was unveiled, which comes in between two of its best selling products – the iPhone and iPad and also adds a 7.9-inch screen, to its already expanding lineup. The only product that is actually missing is currently one of the most lucrative ones in the electronic market – an Apple television. And it would not be too difficult for the company to make this happen. The super-thin, ultra-sleek iMac model that was revealed on Tuesday could be used as the base. With the screen stretched out and the term iTV, Apple could give a dynamic new offering to the public.

Though Apple has refuted claims on developing an iTV, it had also said quite a few times that there would be no iPad Mini as well. Apple’s superior market position in numerous sectors for personal electronic devices is getting saturated as the number of places where it dominates is running out. Presently, the company has the most popular tablet computer, the swiftest expanding lineup of PC’s, and a portable music player, which is a top-selling product, along with the iPhone, the most famous smartphone all over the world, which serves as the perfect and most frequently used point-and-shoot cameras.

A lot of talk is doing the rounds about Apple seeking out new markets for launching numerous products starting from cars to television. In fact, it has obtained patents for products related to wearable computers too. It seems the only remaining place for Apple to acquire remains the living room wall!


  1. There wont be an iTV in the UK, ITV(Independent Television) has been one of the main TV stations for over 50 Years.

    In the UK everyone has Virgin (TV/Phone/Broadband),Sky(TV/Phone/Broadband) or BT.

    In the last 2 years everyone has updated to large 1080p LCD/3D TV's(mostly under £500) and are in contracts from the above mentioned providers for minimum term contracts for the TV service. So a lot of people in the current economic climate, will not be rushing to buy a £2000 Apple TV, or pay for a new STB.

    I am not saying it will not work, but unlike a tablet/Phone/Laptop which are personal devices a TV is normally a communal device. People have Xbox's,PC's, PS3's and Wii's which take up TV usage.
    The last thing you want is people using apps and playing angry birds on the TV, streaming music, browsing etc (get a tablet for this)

    So however amazing it is, people will be reticent to spend a lot on a new TV (if this is apples plan) when the one they have mounted on their wall is nearly new.

    I think what I am trying to say is people don't pay for the STB in the UK, and phone calls are free to people using the same provider. So families around the country use the same provider to facilitate the freebies. Most people watch TV programs, and why do you want something new that adds no value to the same TV programs you watch all the time, they are already in HD.

    I can plug my android in to my tv, and then use the android screen as a mouse, and see the apps on the TV, this novelty wore out very quickly, and I turned the Xbox back on to play decent games. I already have media streamers attached to my TV's which are connected to PC and Nas drives, these cost £50 and play MKV, AVI, 1080p etc, and have iplayer, facebook and other things built in, but I use it to play films, and it is wireless/wired to my home network.

    I am interested to see what exactly is in the pipeline amongst all the rumours of late.

    People like gadgets to change but not the TV.

    It will be an interesting 2013 for technology.

  2. ofcourse Apple will put out iTV. they haven't put out anything innovative or even interesting in a couple of years. Yes, they can keep increasing pixels on their existing devices, and offer them in 10 different sizes, but eventually even all the fanboys will get tired of this BS and will stop buying Apple products.
    iTV is the only new product they have in the pipeline

  3. "With the screen stretched out and the term iTV, Apple could give a dynamic new offering to the public."

    Whats the point of doing this? Just to pay 3x more money for a TV with an Apple logo?


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