Friday, November 2, 2012

Facebook Inc, Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett-Packard Supports Linaro's Linux-on-ARM project

The announcement for the development of the Linux operating system software for the new servers, which are to be ARM-based, was made on Thursday. The process of development of this new operating system is to be done with the help of some of the big names who are vendors, which includes Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB), Hewlett-Packard Company(NYSE:HPQ), and other such names. These companies will be assisting the development of the new servers, which are going to the future popular servers. Other companies include Applied Micro, Samsung, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.(NYSE:AMD_, ST-Ericsson, ARM, and others. This is a big line-up which will be assisting the Linaro Enterprise Group. This group will be operating within the engineering group called Linaro. This group is a non-profit organization.

In order for the new servers to become popular and catch on, a good ecosystem needs to be built, both in terms of the hardware and the software. Linux plays a very integral role in the building of this ecosystem. These servers will probably be taken on by the larger online service givers. And most of these companies and institutions prefer Linux to be their chosen operating system. Therefore, Linux and the new servers are inextricably linked, if the latter is to succeed.

Instead of trying to handle everything at once, Linaro said, during the announcement on   Thursday that the group will initially work on certain components of the new operating system, such as the boot architecture, as well as the kernel software, for Linux. These components are of use to the system-on-chip vendors, server manufacturers, as well as commercial providers of Linux. Some of the expected software will probably be released by the end of this year. And there will be follow-up releases after the initial one. The early Linux code is already being worked on, by Linaro, in collaboration with ARM. This will be required for the Armv8 architecture. The CEO of the two big companies, Warren East (ARM) and George Grey (Linaro) are to discuss this together at TechCon on Thursday. 

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