Wednesday, November 21, 2012

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) Sued By US Justice Department over alleged hiring agreement with Intuit

US authorities have sued online retail giant eBay Inc(NASDAQ:EBAY), over alleged breach of antitrust laws for its agreement not to recruit software make Intuit's employees, in a bid to keep salaries restrained. The authorities alleges  that in 2007,eBay chief executive Meg Whiteman and Intuit’s founder Scott Cook entered into anti-poaching agreement which will deprive employees of access to better job opportunities & salaries.
The authority further alleges that the involvement of both the firms in forming, monitoring and enforcing anticompetitive agreement is unlawful under the antitrust laws.
Accordingly to Joseph Wayland of US Department of Justice antitrust division, the anti-poaching agreement by both the firms is hurting the employees by lowering their salaries and benefits that they might have received & depriving its employees from potential job opportunities at the other company.
During 2006 to 2009, the complaint says the anti-poaching agreement restricted both the companies from recruiting employees from the other company. This anti-poaching agreement was further intensified in 2007 where it was alleged that eBay’s recruiting personnel were asked to ignore applications from Intuit & throw away such applications.
Till now Antitrust division of US Justice department has filed suit against Adobe systems, Apple, Google, Intel, and Intuit & Pixar for its anti-poaching agreement.

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