Thursday, November 15, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) introduces `share’ button for mobiles

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) is introducing more functionalities to its mobile application. The latest is the share button on the mobile version of the social network which will soon be available on Apple and Android devices.

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The normal web version of the Facebook has a share button for all links and status updates but in the case of the mobile version this feature has been missing.

However this gap is being plugged and users can now tap on the new `share' button from their mobile devices as well. This button will be placed to the right of the `like' and `comment' buttons as it is in the case of the web version.

"Tapping the new share button brings up an interface that allows the user to write a comment that goes along with the shared content. In addition, the user can isolate the post to a specific subset of their friends through groups or post it publicly in order to reach all subscribers," Digital Trends said.

Right now the new share button only appears within the News Feed of the user and is not available on visiting the personal page of a friend or brand.

Facebook is taking the mobile revolution very seriously as more users are accessing the site on their mobile devices. In fact with many companies restricting access to social network sites such as Facebook at the workplace and on their work machines, users prefer to keep logged on to the sites via their mobile devices.

According to Facebook’s third quarter results, the social network has approximately 600 million active mobile users each month. In addition, about 120 million of those active users check Facebook exclusively through a mobile device. The addition of the share button on the mobile version of the site could result in a spike in the amount of articles, videos and pictures that are shared each day.

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  1. Yawn. The share function is what killed society.


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