Friday, November 23, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) makes changes to privacy and data policy

Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) proposes to do away with the system of voting for changes to its privacy and data use policy.

In a recent missive to users Facebook said, "We are also proposing changes to our site governance process for future updates to our Data Use Policy and SRR. We deeply value the feedback we receive from you during our comment period but have found that the voting mechanism created a system that incentivized quantity of comments over the quality of them. So, we are proposing to end the voting component in order to promote a more meaningful environment for feedback."

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The voting mechanism is triggered only if enough people comment on the proposed changes. However Users tend to leave one or two-word comments objecting to changes instead of more in-depth responses.

The company said that it will also be introducing other channels of engagement such as a feature for submitting questions about privacy to its Chief Privacy Officer of Policy.

"We will also provide additional notification mechanisms, including email, for informing you of those changes," wrote Elliot Schrage, Facebook's vice president of communications, public policy and marketing, in a blog post which talked about the proposed changes.

The proposed changes to this feedback policy will be seen in the Documents tab of the Facebook Site Governance Page, it said.

Users can submit their comments about the changes before 9 PST on November 28, 2012, it said.

Some of the other updates on Facebook's are - New tools for managing Facebook Messages; Changes to how it refers to certain products; Tips on managing timelines; and Reminders about what's visible to other people on Facebook.

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