Monday, November 12, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Reminder - We are mobile

With consistent remarks on Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) not paying so much attention to its mobile applications by Wall Street in the past, the company has finally answered and indeed affirmatively. The company has recently posted in a blog that it's got its mind on mobile.
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The blog mentioned in details about the work that is in process by the product teams of the company. With mobile devices bringing in transformation, the company too is engaged in updating its main Facebook application frequently. Infact, the company moves on to say that “it's all about mobile”.
Product Manager Michael Eyal Sharon wrote in the post that the company is paying attention to standalone apps which is the key to that process. He further substantiated it citing example of the update released earlier this week that integrated Camera and Messenger features into the main app. "Having mobile apps designed for the most popular mobile activities allows us to take the best features from each and cross-pollinate with our core Facebook for iOS and Android apps.” 
However, the obstruction faced in this path is the crucial decision as to which features make the most sense for the core apps. Once this has been sorted one needs to seek through ways of implementing the same. According to Sharon, the solution has involved retooling the development process. "Having a single team own the product experience in their standalone apps as well as the integrated experience in the core app means that we have more thoughtfully executed experiences across platforms and applications," Sharon wrote.

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