Thursday, November 1, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to give timeline a facelift

When the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) walls changed from the good, old-fashioned one, to the timeline format, it did not come without much grumbling from many users. The change was not unanimously welcomed by all the users of the site. Facebook, however, is known for constant changes, will be playing around with the format of the Timeline itself. When the change to the timeline took place, the marketers were also affected by the change. Now, Facebook is not deciding to do away with the Timeline, but instead, is going to change the format of the current Timeline. Instead of the wall posts appearing on both sides of the timeline, Facebook is going to change it around a bit.

Inside Facebook is a sister site to the wildly popular social network. The former has already confirmed with the latter, and has now proceeded to make a better, design for the timeline. The testing of this new format will be done on a few select users. The change includes shifting the wall posts to one side. It is to become a single column like structure. Through this change, the wall posts will be shifted to the left on the timeline, and other updates such as open graph activities shall appear on the right hand side. This might make the timeline neater, and make it look more organized than it does right now.

The site has always been introducing new changes to the site, and Facebook has evolved a lot since it was first introduced. Since then, the site has acquired about one billion users all over the world, and helps people stay connected with friends and family. The site has been very dynamic, and has constantly changed and evolved. It remains to be seen, however, as to how people will react to the new change in the timeline.
Although the timeline format was welcomed begrudgingly, it has become the format used in almost all Facebook profiles, and changes to the timeline may be welcomed negatively or positively. When the user will not have active open graph activities, the right side of the timeline is to remain blank, instead of filling in with the wall posts.

Shares of FB are up 1.14% to $21.35 in the morning session after falling about 3.50% in yesterday’s session on another expiry of lock up shares.

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