Friday, November 2, 2012

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to lend a hand to non-profit charitable organizations

The social networking site will be getting a lot of brownie points after they make their recent development widespread. Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) Gifts can now be used to donate to non-profit organizations. Although in its test phase currently, and available to only a limited amount of Facebook users, it will soon be available to all the one billion users of the popular social networking site, and apart from increasing the popularity in terms of socially useful, the users will also be given the chance to be able to help out charity organizations from the comfort of their homes.

One can now donate to eleven very relevant charity organizations through Facebook. Through the medium of Facebook Gifts, instead of gifting your friend/relative something, you can donate to one of these charity organizations on behalf of them. The test phase has limited the amount to $25, but it is hoped that the amount will increase. It is a brilliant idea, because Facebook provides a lot of publicity, and this is a good idea, which can garner the best possible use of the one billion users. The site will be able to use the large number of users for a good cause.

After the damage caused to the East Coast after the disaster called Hurricane Sandy struck the area, the usefulness of this new update has increased a lot more. The American Red Cross is the organization to donate to, for this particular reason. However, there are ten other organizations, including LIVESTRONG, Blue Star Families, Girls Inc., RAINN, and Water.Org, amongst others.

When ordering gifts for someone on a special occasion, or even on an ordinary basis, the site, which has a “pay it forward” option with Facebook Gifts, will contain the eleven charity organizations which one can opt for. After the gift has been sent forward, as a donation to one of these organizations, the update will pop up on the timeline of the friend as well as the sender, thereby increasing awareness amongst mutual friends. If one receives a gift from someone else, the person can also reject the gist before the shipping starts, and decide to donate the amount to one of these organizations instead. 

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