Thursday, November 29, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Horowitz Says, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Is Living In The Past

Facebook has faced fresh heat from a Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) executive, who has slammed Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) by saying that the social networking giant of the bygone days and its present advertising system does not work.

As per Business Insider, vice president of Google’s social networking site Google+, Bradley Horowitz stated that Facebook is not compatible with the real world and is not able to serve the needs of its users, which happens to be real conversations with a group of friends that involve one and all.

Horowitz stated during a conference of Business Insider in New York that in designing Google+, the company thinks about the real world, the way the people actually are. The company is trying to manufacture a product that is ergonomic for the way its attention is wired.

He also condemned the way Facebook manages its advertising system by comparing the adverts that show up in the news feed of the social network to a sandwich board which is not very successful.

Horowitz feels that by cramming ads and agendas into user streams triggers frustration.

He thinks, as a substitute, there is a system in Google+ that gives social recommendations instead of ads. So, is a user wants to search for a product, for example, a restaurant, he can see the ones that are recommended by his friends.

He also said that is useful to users to have suggestions coming from the people they trust. Instead of sandwich boards, Google has reverted back to the basics of meeting the requirements the users have.

Google has ventured into social networking in the past with the devastating Buzz launched in 2010. It quickly went into oblivion and Google+ followed henceforth. The latter designed ‘circles’, letting users to categorize their social sphere of friends. The company stated in September that 100 million people are using Google+ per month.

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