Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Plans On Bringing Smaller Engines To The US In 2014 Fiesta

Ford Motor Company(NYSE:F) is reportedly rolling out its smallest engine to the US in the move to meet stringent government fuel economy regulations.

The automobile company claims that the 2014 Fiesta will be the first vehicle of North America to come with Ford’s latest 1 liter, 3 cylinder EcoBoost engine when it happens to go on sale in 2013. The 1 liter has been sold in the European version of the Focus Sedan since the month of March.

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Ford has not yet revealed the fuel economy figures yet, but it says that the 1 liter Fiesta is going to be the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid available in the US. It is predicted to get well over 40 miles/ gallon.

Ford’s director of global engine engineering, Bob Fascetti feels that it is it will be a very powerful engine.

Ford is planning on to show a Fiesta with the new engine at the Los Angeles Auto later this month. The Focus sedan in Europe comes with the engine. Ford has indicated that US Focus will soon have the engine as well.

Although, 3-cylinder engines are popular in small cars in Europe, they are hardly seen across Atlantic. That is partly because the engine has gained popularity for being shaky, noisy and underpowered in 1990s econoboxes such as Geo Metro. The miniature Smart ForTwo is presently the sole car for sale in the US that comes with a 3-cylinder engine. Its sales constitute just a portion of the Fiestas though. Daimler AG had sold off 8,309 Smart cars in the US during October, as compared with Fiesta that sold 47,475 units.

However, getting new customers is not the only consideration. Car companies are under pressure to enhance the fuel efficiency to their automobiles.

The 1-liter is the 4th addition to the EcoBoost engine family of Ford. 

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  1. I had a 3 cyl. Saab and a 3 cyl. Metro and will be very happy to own a 3 cyl. Ford.


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