Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“Four More Years,” tweets Obama after becoming President of U.S. for second term

"Four more years.” That’s what President Barack Obama tweeted soon after he won the U.S. presidential elections for a second term.

In an email to his supporters he said, "“I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen.”

Obama also tweeted a picture of him and his wife locked in an embrace with the caption "four more years.'

It was a closely fought election but in the end it was Obama who carried the day as the electorate returned him with an overwhelming majority.

In a speech at Boston just minutes after winning the election, Obama said that the best was yet to come.

He thanked his team of supporters calling them the 'best campaign team and volunteers in the history of U.S. elections'.

"We made it together," he told the assembled gathering of supporters who were in a frenzy.

Obama has been a savvy user of technology and this time too he made the maximum use of it. He lost no time in tweeting to his supporters about his emotions right after news of his victory started beaming on television sets all across the world.

As Tech Crunch pointed out, "Obama’s use of these digital channels to announce the news crystallizes how tech is removing the barriers between leaders and citizens. There’s no need to wait for television networks to interrupt broadcasts or get their cameras rolling. The audience doesn’t even need to tune in."

Obama's initial tweets were immediately transmitted by re-tweets all across the globe, the fastest transmission of news in modern times.

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