Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Indonesia will soon be able to offer Tourists and Residents with Google Street View

Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) Street View will soon be available in Indonesia according to a latest report that says the latest fleet of cars to hit Indonesia’s roads will carry an unusual logo, which is already familiar to customers – that of Google.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Google had jointly unveiled the project on Friday and it is one of the latter’s biggest in Asia. Custom Google cars fitted with cameras have already been deployed across the country. The objective is that anyone with an Internet connection can get a panoramic view of key cities through street-level images, not expected to be ready for a few years.

After Singapore and Thailand, Indonesia is the third Southeast Asian country to get Google’s Street View service. The target audience is tourists and other visitors and how they can check out hotels and other attractions before planning itineraries, and also serve the potential market within Indonesia’s 250 million people. Indonesia is a beautiful place but infrastructure bottlenecks have made many destinations like secluded beaches, pristine dive sites and legendary temples invisible to visitors. Thanks to digital tools like these, hotels, tourism sites and businesses can find out stores, locations and websites with ease.

There have been privacy issues elsewhere about capturing Street View data that includes real-time panoramic images, allowing anyone to scope out various locales without leaving their screens. This has received mixed responses with some complaining about having their faces, car license plate numbers and the like potentially exposed to millions. Google has reassured them that with use of cutting edge technology, human faces will be blurred and license plates will be unidentifiable even if street images are clear and widely available.

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