Monday, November 19, 2012

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Rolls Out Play Music Store In Europe

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Music has gone live on Android phones in Europe after an initial announcement that Google Play Movies and Music would be introduced on the continent on 13th November. Users based in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and France now can opt for purchasing music from the service and storing tracks that are already in their possession in a digital locker for streaming later.

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While a mobile music store contributes little to the marketplace on its own, the addition of a free scan feature and match service, letting around 20,000 songs to be stored from a customer’s personal collection of music, is certainly strange in Europe. Apple and Amazon offer scan and match services that can fit a whole music library at a cost. The free version offered by Amazon is available at just 250 music tracks.
Music Manager is an app that can be downloaded and it can help in organizing tracks that can be added to the digital locker of Google Music. Tracks can later be played on the Play Music app on phones or through a web platform, even though Google restricts the number of downloads to double for each track, rather than streaming them.

The app was last upgraded on Google Play on 12th November. As per the store metrics, Google Play has received 10-50 million downloads since it has been launched. Google Music was already available in the US for a year.

Google Play Music is basically a mix of Spotify, iTunes and a cloud storage service. The service is now becoming accessible in Europe and Google is supposed to be introducing it in a number of other countries.
It may take a while for Europe to get used to the idea of Google’s music service, however, many people will soon understand its usefulness, and especially with the recent declaration the Warner Music Group will be included to Google’s music service, there is a clear declaration that a lot more music will be added to Google Play.

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