Monday, November 26, 2012

Self-Branded ChromeBooks Might be Sold by Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) Soon

Apparently, Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) is committed to the Chromebook and Google-branded model is in the development stage according to a report out of China. The nascent desktop platform would be enormously benefited if this is true and Google’s success with the Nexus batch proves that Google knows about hardware too.

A report in the China Times says that Chrome OS netbooks with touchscreen technology will be released soon and Compal, a Taiwan-based ODM is responsible for manufacturing. The order has been placed by Google itself instead of a 3rd party like Acer or Asus in the case of Nexus products. Compal will receive shipments for internal components this month, so the product might be available in 2012.

Google is going all out to tackle rivals like Apple, Nokia, and Microsoft in the hardware sector. In the past, the company focused on software and collaborated with partners to create hardware. But with Nexus 7 being the best lower-end tablet, Android dominating the mobile platform worldwide, and the recently introduced fantastic Chromebooks, the dynamics have changed.

The reason why Google is all set to take on the competition is because of Nokia going up market, Microsoft selling its own hardware in the Surface, and the Windows 8 hardware being expensive. The latest models, the Samsung Series 3 and Acer C7 can provide a brilliant web experience at $249 and $199, respectively. If the prices were to go up, the appeal would somewhat go down. If Google can somehow explore the full potential of the Chromebook, then it can hit a gold mine, especially for Chrome OS.

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