Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Will Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Activate The Hidden 4G LTE Radio Within Nexus 4?

As we all can see, the Nexus 4 comes with a hidden feature inside. It comes in the form of an deactivated 4G LTE radio. When the phone was reviewed earlier, Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG) had experienced criticism over not launching a top-notch, rich-in-features smartphone as part of its Nexus line with support for 4G LTE. Google had quoted that it was too tough to work with mobile carriers for LTE support and hence it had chosen for simpler option and playing solo for its unlocked, contract-free alternative. Although, it does seem that Google has a contingency strategy in case mobile carriers opt for adopting the Nexus 4 later, without the annoying cellular contracts, in the form of a hidden 4G LTE radio within.
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The latest teardown of the product by iFixit shows that there is a multi-band LTE radio made by Qualcomm concealed inside the phone that is disabled by default. The LTE radio has a support for as many as 7 bands, making it ideal for a prospective global rollout to GSM networks across the world that can support LTE networks on well-known spectrums that are available presently. LG or Google has not yet commented on the matter.
A very strong reason for the LTE radio is the selective mobile carrier partners like T-Mobile in the USA do not have an operating LTE network as of now. When such partners start rolling out or spreading their LTE coverage footprint, they can work with Google to facilitate the LTE radio feature to support their home networks. This would be the first smartphone in the US to debut with a concealed and disabled LTE radio. The Galaxy Note II of Samsung has been released for T-Mobile USA also comes with a hidden LTE radio feature within itself, which the mobile carrier recognized will be enabled once it deploys an LTE network. 

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