Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) To Kill Present-Day Desktop -Reports

As per reports in the past few days, the desktop does not have a long way to go.

Changes in the way Intel connects its processor to the circuit board may trigger significant modification to the desktop PC as we know them today.

Desktop processors are connected to the primary circuit board, the motherboard, of the PC through a socket. Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC) processors are attuned with the socket are thereafter inserted by the end user, who can be a PC supplier or a buff.

This happens to be precisely the design that stands at the risk of disappearing, as far as the reports go.

On the flip side, mobile processors are soldered directly to the circuit board. Fusing the processor has design benefits in the mobile world that is essentially space-sensitive and where every millimeter counts.

However, it is abhorrence to the desktop crowd, fusing processors to a desktop board would harm the fan world, which includes DIY gamers, who like to take a pick from a range of processors to suit their needs.
If this is really what Intel has been working on, a report from Semiaccurate reveals that the final decision has not yet been reached and that Intel may bring back the socket design with a chip design, Skylake.

There is also a Japanese report that seems to imply this change is in the works. The same report also says that the move from desktops to mobile indicates a sense of crisis at Intel as power-efficient ARM processors that power the smartphone sand tablets in the world will gobble up Intel chip sales.

Even though Intel has not commented on the matter, a source having knowledge on this said that the reports have taken a lot of freedom with the understanding of the future plan of the company. 

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