Thursday, November 8, 2012

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Rumor: Office For Android And iOS On The Way

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT) is supposed to release Office app for Android, iPhone and iPad sometime in early 2013, according to the reports of The Verge. The software, Dubbed Office Mobile is expected to take the form of free apps that will allow users to view Office documents. Users will need an account with Microsoft, like apps such as SkyDrive and OneNote.

It is being speculated that in order to have the capability of editing documents, users would need an Office 365 subscription. Users will be able to purchase one through the applications itself, or enter a code, a move that must allow larger organizations to set up their workforces. Options for editing may be relatively restricted, not projected to replace the desktop Office versions.

The push toward subscriptions fits in with Microsoft’s strategy for Office. The centerpiece of the New Office is the move to subscription packages and pricing. There will be payment versions of Office for small businesses and home users that would offer a year of Office usage on five PCs and Macs in total.

Sources reveal that Office Mobile for iOS may be launched first in late February or early March. The Android version is predicted to be launched sometime in May. Microsoft has denied commenting on the matter, but it has said that the Office will work on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. There was no divulgence regarding the date when the Windows Phone apps may release.

Office is a part of the Business Division that is the biggest producer of Microsoft’s revenue. Having Office available on Android and iOS devices will undoubtedly help in increasing revenue of Microsoft. It will also help in making sure that users continue using Office instead of Google Apps or Google Docs. That is more crucial than the comparatively small incremental market share that Microsoft may gain by not releasing a version of Office for Android or iOS.

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