Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Will Windows 8 Mean To Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT)?

Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Windows 8 eventually hits the shelves this week as the former monopolist struggles to remain relevant in the world that is going mobile.  Microsoft nearly missed the world’s move from desktops to tablets and smartphones, leading to a drop in their share of total PCs and devices, as per Forrester.

Windows 8 is believed to be Microsoft’s attempt to hold the enterprise space as well as make a mark in mobile devices. The question here is whether or not trying to be all things to all kinds of people will lead to a product that is nothing to anyone.

As per Henry Blodget, Microsoft is planning on taking a massive risk by fixing a product that does not need mending. He said that people are underestimating the amount of time that needs to be devoted into learning Windows well over years.

Operating systems are taken for granted. When Apple switched to a new OS, the tech fraternity goes wild although customers shrug. Microsoft is trying to create a buzz for a better version of what is not broken in the enterprise space that it still dominates. Windows 8 is designed for touch-based devices specifically. The clunky laptops with touch screens are supposed to go on sale at Best Buy shortly.

Microsoft’s Surface is slick, fast and impressive looking. However, it is lacking the availability of applications. A predicted 3,500 apps will operate with the Surface on release as compared to a seemingly infinite number of apps for Androids and iPads.

It is going to take a while to grade Microsoft’s success or failure. If it can get IT departments to switch to 8 and make an impression in mobile devices, it will be better than the trends that are in place today. Blodget expects a much higher bar. 

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