Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Focus Stocks: Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK), Groupon Inc (NASDAQ:GRPN)

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK )released the Lumia 900 during Easter holidays, when most of the stores are guaranteed to be closed.

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It is to be hoped that the Lumia 920 will have a better launch and does not go the way of its predecessor - because the company has a lot rising on the product including revival of its fortunes.

Though Nokia botched up on the launch of the Lumia 920 with misleading videos regarding its camera capabilities, the phone itself is quite a sound product and various reviews have shown it to be a superior device to Apple's iPhone 5.

The sensitive screen which can be used with gloves, its wireless charging support, its Pure View technology, all these make it a device worth buying.

On the flip side it is far heavier compared to the iPhone 5, and not as thin.

Also it will have an uphill task in fighting against the firmly entrenched iPhone and other phones which have already entered the market. Google has already released a whole range of smartphones along with its partners Samsung and LG.

Incidentally Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ:MSFT), Nokia's new partner for tis operating software, has already started selling its smartphones made by HTC and Samsung.

Online discount deals provider Groupon Inc(NASDAQ:GRPN) is offering free shipping and returns for merchandise bought through Groupon Goods during the holiday season, the company said on Monday.

Groupon Goods sells items at a discount, such as toys or jewellery The company said free shipping applies to purchases over $15, for products under 150 pounds.

Shares of Groupon fell 6 cents to close at $2.63.

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