Friday, November 2, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) Not Preventing Multiple Users On Android Phones

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) recently said that it is not preventing Google from rolling out multiuser features for phones in spite of a report that suggested that the company was playing spoiler for the most recent version of Android.

It was earlier this week when TechCrunch has speculated that Google is not including multiple account functionality on Android for phones since Nokia already owns the patent for such capability. However, Nokia has told CNET that it was not the case.

Nokia had flied for such a patent; however, it had abandoned its attempts years back.

A Nokia representative has revealed that although the company had filed the patent application that has been quoted in some of the coverage, it decided some time after the filing that it would not follow up the application any further.

He also added that Nokia is now aware of the decisions take n By Google regarding selection of products. He said Google has not approached Nokia to seek a license for any of Nokia patents for Android devices.
Meanwhile, a Google representative has refused to comment on any ventures for extending the feature to smartphones.

The US Patent Office reflects the fact that Nokia does not own a patent for multiple user accounts, with the website noting that the patent application was abandoned in October of 2009 after the company has failed to answer a request from the Patent Office.

Google has unveiled the Android 4.2 this week, which is an updated version of Jelly Bean that will be seen on the new line of Nexus devices introduced by the company. One of the crucial features of the OS is the capability to add multiple user accounts. However, it will only operate of tablets. Google has not yet cleared why that is the case.

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