Monday, November 26, 2012

Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK) To Launch Two More Asha Phone, Includes Facebook Button

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) has declared two new phones in its Asha lineup that are projected at emerging markets, including its first phone with a dedicated Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) key. The Asha 205 and 206 are expected to ship sometime in this quarter. Both the phones will feature a new sharing technology from Nokia, called Slam. This lets users to share multimedia files like pictures and videos with other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, without the need to pair devices and without the recipient requiring having Slam. As per Nokia, Slam works with the help of a few clicks and is faster than Bluetooth. It does not utilize mobile internet.

The Asha 205 is a QWERTY handset that has been designed for people, who are active on social networking sites. Its dedicated Facebook button provides access to Facebook for Every Phone application that is focused on messaging and messaging notifications. It can also provide access to other features of Facebook like sharing images and updating statuses. The Asha 205 also features eBuddy messenger, 40 EA games for free download, Nokia Life+ web app and much more. It will be available in both single and double SIM modes, in three different colors.

The Asha 206 will be available in same colors as the 205 and at the same price.  It will come with a 2.4 inch display, a camera, apps for accessing Facebook and Twitter right from the home screen, a social and mobile entertainment package with eBuddy Chat, WhatsApp and other free contents. The Asha 206 will also be available in both single and dual SIM versions, three different colors at USD 62, including taxes.

Both the handsets will come with the Nokia Xpress Internet platform to decrease data consumption. They will also feature Nokia Nearby, a web application that would help users to locate points of interest like shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and ATMs.

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