Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ:RIMM) sets its sights on the future

Research In Motion Limited (USA)(NASDAQ:RIMM)’s Chief Executive Thorsten Heins has admitted that the launch of the BB10 operating platform is a decisive point in the future of the company and on its success hinges a lot of the company's prospects for the future.

The Blackberry 10 is set to be launched on January 30th, after the holiday season is over.

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A common lament among Blackberry users is the lack of applications and this time the Canadian handset maker is addressing the problem.

RIM has an ambitious goal of about 100,000 apps at launch. "We have a pretty good line of sight to get there," Heins said. He promised that there will be big-name apps and "good quality" mixed in.

Heins made it clear that the new platform is meant to take the company into the next decade.

"The thing is, I truly believe in mobile computing. I really believe that enterprises will change drastically in the next 2-3 years. I predict that over time laptops really will disappear. [...] My view a smartphone and or a tablet is going to be good enough for 50/60 percent of all mobile workers of all employees in a corporate enterprise. That's also what we're shooting at with our product with the BB10 platform and with the partnerships that we're building."

He dismissed the idea of competition from other mobile offerings such as Google, Apple and especially Microsoft which is aiming to occupy the third slot.

He stated that his company is focused on one particular market for the products - the "hyper-connected, multitasking - need to get things done" type of user. He thinks that tactic won't conflict with Microsoft.


  1. geez i saw Rims new handsets and just as i feared they copied other providers. their phone copied iphone except their phone does not have any buttons on it. so does this mean the touchscreen interface is left on to accommodate the swipe on feature? that means if yes then power draining feature is what they developed i have also designed a no button smartphone but does not drain battery power yet also uses swipe feature. regards, Freelance Eng (designer of smartphone tech)

  2. Putting a laptop or desktop into sleep or standby mode does not drain much power. Why would it be any different for the BB10 phone?

    1. because unlike a laptop or desktop Rim is going to leave the touchscreen interface on, that is going to drain power. apple's ipod when in sleepmode the touchscreen is off. im hoping with new bb10 os they allow me the option to have touchscreen off on my tablet while in sleepmode because i have found my tablet lit up without doing the swipe. and my password has been accidently tried. That is not good at all. have a nice day Regards, Freelance Eng.(designer of smartphone tech)


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