Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) App Store To Close In January 2013

Verizon Communications Inc.(NYSE:VZ) has recently declared that it would be closing down its Verizon App Store in January of 2013. The carrier has said that is working on a whole new technological setting and so it has taken the decision of evolving its policy to simplify the app acquisition procedure. Verizon is expecting to start the process of removing the Verizon Apps application from all devices running on Research In Motion and Android operating systems. The move is scheduled to complete on 27th March, 2013.

Developers with apps in marketplace of Verizon will still be able to access the app metrics and reporting. They will continue to receive payments while the shutdown client is being implemented. Also, business applications that are submitted to the Private Applications Store for Business of Verizon will continue to be available for purchase and download for enterprise clients.

Apps that require a monthly license test will no longer work with Verizon Apps client. These apps are being removed from the Verizon App Store this month so as to stop downloads in future. This will cover apps with subscription models, usage-based models and also in-house buys. The App Store will not be receiving new app submissions.

Verizon has observed that its decision will not have a profound impact on most apps since most of the apps that are available in the store are also available on Amazon, BlackBerry App World and Google Play.

The Verizon apps are clearly not able to offer any clear advantage over its competition to customers or developers. The speed with which Verizon is planning to shutter its service may seem surprising to some developers.

Apps that are subject to subscriptions will probably go off sooner. Final billing will take place in November, with customers being able to buy one month of service before all subscriptions are terminated.


  1. Not a very good move, but I get all my stuff on my Nexus from Google anyway.


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